About me

I am 33 years old and live in the UK. Before I moved here, I lived in different countries in Europe and America. I love to travel and explore new things. Part of the reason why I decided to try LCHF is because I know many people who have tried it and successfully lost weight. It made me curious and I started doing research. Even though I read a lot about the diet and its effects on the body, I am not an expert. Everything published on this site represents my personal views and does not replace medical advice.

As a child, I used to be a bit chubby. Never fat or overweight, but chubby. After finishing high school, I worked out less, partied a lot and gained weight. At 20, I had reached my highest weight ever - 72 kg. I joined the Weight Watchers (but quit after my first gold star) and started to run regularly to lose the weight. This time was personally quite a messy time; I fell in love, moved abroad, started studying and without noticing how time had passed, I lost 10 kg. About 1 year later, I had gained 2 kg back, but then I managed to maintain that weight for almost 6 years. With the move to the UK, I entered a new period in my life full of stress. I did not have time for cooking, I ate when I had time, not when I was hungry and I stopped working out. March 2011 and six months later, I had gained from 64 kg to 69 kg - 5 kg! Of course I knew all those bad habits would lead to a weight gain, but seeing myself getting so close to my max weight scared me.

I changed my diet and started to exercise. LCHF is good for me because it is radical. I had to change all bad habits of nightly sandwiches, quick pasta dishes and sugar energy boosts and introduce a new way of eating. The strict rules make it easier not to "cheat". I think it is important to be critical and the things about this diet I do not like are the high amount of fat and the small amount of vegetables. I try to balance the diet a bit and eat less fat and more vegetables to better suit my needs. I am still not sure the diet is as healthy as claimed by LCHF-eaters and I pay very good attention to how my body is doing. I recommend medical checks if deciding to follow this diet.