Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sauerkraut is the super of superfoods

Sauerkraut is my latest obsession. I cannot believe I have missed out on the amazing benefits of sauerkraut until now.

Sauerkraut is one of those foods I tried as a kid and have had in my mental box for foods I don't like ever since. After reading about the positive impact of fermented foods in Giulia Enders's book 'Gut' (highly recommended!), I felt intrigued to introduce sauerkraut in my diet - with some hesitation because "knew" I don't like the taste of it. Well, 20 years later it turns out that I do like it. I generally consider myself an openminded and intellectually curious person, but then I discover pockets of ignorance like this and wonder what else I am missing?

Back to sauerkraut: let's tick some boxes
Low carb - Check (1.2g / 100g)
Versatile - Check (can be used as a side to many dishes)
High in antioxidants - Check
Strengthens body's immune system - Check

Add to that the positive impact on the gut flora, which to be honest I do not understand but the good thing is Enders's book has raised my awareness of this very complex system and am now researching this in more detail.

To sum up, this post has two points:

  • Read books and keep learning
  • Eat sauerkraut

Home-made sauerkraut in the making

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