Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is kale LCHF?

The curly little green leaves of kale are suddenly everywhere! Unless you are from NYC. Then you have probably been eating kale for a couple of years already.

But some of us, i.e. my humble self, have only just discovered this super green. For a huge spinach fan like me (I LOVE SPINACH), kale certainly looks interesting. But is kale LCHF?

The rule of thumb for LCHF is that vegetables with less than 5g carbs / 100g (or 5%) are OK to eat on LCHF. Kale actually has 9g / 100g. This might be too many carbs for some but as you know I am quite liberal with my veg and think this is definitely within limits. The good thing about kale is that is also has lots of nutrients and quite high protein levels for a vegetable. And it's versatile. Oven-roast it with olive oil and salt for a healthy snack, add it to your smoothie, make a salad or stew. 

There is one big BUT. Eat spinach. Spinach is standing in the shadow of the hipster kale but spinach is also a truly amazing vegetable, just as versatile and even more nutritious (less carbs, more protein). 

The good thing is that you don't have to choose. Eat both. Mix'n match. Spinach and kale are partners in superfood. 

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