Tuesday, 9 April 2013

LCHF: The best nuts

Nuts and seeds are great snacks whilst low carbing. Or are they? Well, they can be! But there are large differences so be careful.

I have compiled a list of some nuts and seeds that low carbers can snack on - and some you should avoid. All the values are per 100 g but if you actually eat 100 g you are overdoing it - nuts should be in enjoyed as snacks, i.e. small portions and not en masse since they are rich in calories.

Source: www.fineli.fi

Green - Great low carb snacks but beware of calories!
Yellow - Occasionally ok but do not eat too often or too much
Red - These nuts I would not consider low-carb. Avoid.


  1. Interesting. I've been eating sunflower seeds and now know why it's slowing down my ketosis. I recently switched to pumpkin seeds. I don't see that on the list, but I'm guessing the same holds true for them as well.

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