Sunday, 14 April 2013


Today was a lovely spring day in London, sunny and warm. I love spring!

Another thing I love about spring is asparagus! It is perfect for low carb and now it is in season. And it goes so well with salmon, my favourite fish.

I always forget to take pictures of my food so here is one of my partner's plate. Mine was without rice but some home-made hollandaise sauce instead.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

LCHF: The best nuts

Nuts and seeds are great snacks whilst low carbing. Or are they? Well, they can be! But there are large differences so be careful.

I have compiled a list of some nuts and seeds that low carbers can snack on - and some you should avoid. All the values are per 100 g but if you actually eat 100 g you are overdoing it - nuts should be in enjoyed as snacks, i.e. small portions and not en masse since they are rich in calories.


Green - Great low carb snacks but beware of calories!
Yellow - Occasionally ok but do not eat too often or too much
Red - These nuts I would not consider low-carb. Avoid.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Is junk food really cheap?

It's usually claimed that some people eat junk food because they can't afford healthy food and therefore become overweight. These claims are often based on price comparisons where calories per dollar is used and includes junk food, vegetables and staples.

I don't think cost per calorie is a good measure of how affordable food is because it doesn't take over-consumption into account. There is a whole range of costs related to being over-weight, but the problem is not only linked to long-term costs - the whole comparison is flawed. Obviously, junk food is rich in calories so it's natural for the price to be lower per calories. And obviously, overweight people consume too many calories. I think a logical conclusion to draw is that junk food makes many people fat because it's easy to exceed your recommended calorie intake. So if junk food makes you eat more calories than you should whereas a healthy diet would make you eat less the price comparison can only be between meals, not cost per calories.

And comparing burgers with fruit isn't a good way to go either because eating fruit loaded with fruit sugar doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy.

It's like all those 3 for 2 offers in the supermarket. It's cheaper so you buy more. Then you don't have time to eat it before it goes bad so you throw it away (food waste in the U.S. is 50%). Food producers and supermarkets are profit-making companies. They're not giving anything away for free so most definitely these discounts have already been included in the original price. Which means you pay too much for food you are going to throw away. That's bad enough, but the problem about over-consuming junk food is that you don't throw it away once it goes bad, it stays in the body and it leads to overweight.