Saturday, 24 September 2011

Low carb snack

I'm on the train again and since the cross country train refuse to serve something that is even remotely healthy I had to bring something to eat. So I went to the small corner shop and found some carb snack. How about that?
Mattessons have different kinds of seasoned chicken sold in small bags if 60 g. It's not good food, yeast and wheat is used for the seasoning, but it's better than most other snacks.
It's ridiculously expensive - 60 g meat for 1 pound. And that was on offer. But anyway. Good for crisis situations.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I feel good!

It is amazing! I am so happy and full of energy. I went to the gym to do some aerobics today and I've eaten healthy and low carb. This is too easy :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Canteen food

After a sleepless night I had to give up my caffeine-free ambitions for today. But that's ok, tomorrow I'm back to tea again.

Today I managed to eat 1200 calories. That's alright given that I didn't do any other exercise but walk to work this morning. Canteen served roast beef with cauliflower and cabbage, perfect for LCHF and it tasted very good. There was yorkshire pudding as well but I don't think I'll ever adjust that much to the British cuisine that I could enjoy that. And not whilst on a low carb diet anyway.

Our canteen is alright actually. There is always a salad / sandwich bar where you can chose your own ingredients. And some warm dishes but they are usually extremely unhealthy or just odd. I've noticed that it's very strange to leave out the carby side dishes. It's as if the people serving get worried you won't get full. And offer extra meat instead. But as always I rather just have some more vegetables :)


Yesterday I was so tired, I fell asleep immediately after I went to bed at 10 PM. But then I woke up at 2:30 and have been awake since. It's impossible to go back to sleep. So now I am getting up. It's going to be a long day at work, literally :)

Eating too little

My diet is going really well, I stick to my carb limit and I don't feel like snacking in between. The only problem is that I eat too little. Yesterday my total cal count was 900, today it was 500. That's a salad for lunch and a tomato soup with tuna for dinner. Just had dinner and now I feel sick...

In a way it's good because it means I will lose weight faster if I eat less, but I know it will change eventually. It's the same story all over again, I start off full of energy and motivation, but then I get tired and hungry and stop following the plan. I want to stay healthy this time and that's why I need to eat more.

Adding breakfast might be an idea. Or add some meat and fat for lunch.

Monday, 19 September 2011

I heart running

This has been a good day with healthy food and third day running in a row. Only a short run. I'm gonna sign up for a gym so I can run on the treadmill in the winter. I hate that actually. Running on the treadmill. When I first started running I did different paths in the woods where I grew up. No cars, no people, just peace and quiet and occasionally some elks. I love that feeling of running in the wild where you can only hear the sound of your steps, breath and birds singing (and my dog chasing them). But I like running in the city, too. Especially since I moved around so much lately. Running up and down the streets is a good way getting to know your neighborhood. But not so much in the wintertime and that is why I went to the gym today. And jogged back home.

Tomorrow I am going to a running club. I am actually nervous. I never ran in a club before, what if they are all much faster than me? But today went a lot better than yesterday so I am hoping that tomorrow will be even better. Fingers crossed!

Update 100 days challenge

I hope you all have enjoyed a lovely weekend. I know I have! This was my first weekend off since May so I went all in - lots of sleep, celebrations with friends, shopping, massage, some running (today and yesterday) and good, healthy food.

Since I lost 6 weeks my new target for the 100 days challenge is to run 150 km until the end of the challenge. I will also eat a healthy low-carb diet and keep my coffee intake at 2-3 cups per week. 

Friday, 16 September 2011


And just to show you how committed I am - I just came home from 36h nonstop studying. I slept about 5 hours this week. In total. And now I am writing on my blog. That I am back.

This is the new era!

And there are 59 days to go on the 100 days challenge

Back then my goal was <60kg and  >250 km running. And I don't think that's gonna happen... I won't get back on the scale until a week from now. Denial. My next run is tomorrow!!! :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alive (just about)

I have left the living but I am not dead, I am just trying to finish my dissertation. Who would have thought it takes so long time to write 12000 words? I wish I thought about that 2 weeks before deadline...

My life is on hold for now but when I'm back I'll be back big time!!