Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer feast

The summer has finally arrived to England. The weather is lovely and I am so happy to live in the south west of England right now. Pack the bag with healthy low carb treats like sausages, salad, good wine and nice company. If you aren't too strict with the carbs you can also pack some strawberries. That is how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Add to that a cliff with stunning view and you know there is no better way to enjoy the sun than exploring the beautiful coast of Devon and Cornwall.

Speaking about salads, my current favourite is Ceasar salad less the croutons. This is an old favourite, but instead of just a anchovy-flavoured salad sauce, I am adding anchovies to the salad. Canned fish is not the best thing to eat on a low carb diet because the water is often sweet, but this is so good and since you're not likely to eat excessive amounts of anchovy (?) I think it's ok :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Progress in restuarants

I am getting better at eating out and stay low carb. Or I am just going to better restaurants. This week I have had delicious food on restaurants. You know how it sometimes is when you look at the menu while being on a diet. You look at the menu and think of what you would like to have, then you look at it once more and think of what you can have. Lately, I haven't had to do that. My favourites on the menu were already low carb..! :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Low carb is not easy on hectic days

I really need to find out about good low carb meals to have in the bag that you can eat on the run. Yes, I know you should probably not even eat on the run but things are they way they are. I don't feel like chewing on an egg or salami sausage while waiting for the bus. Normally I would grab a fruit or a sandwich. Maybe a yoghurt.

Is this what they mean when they say LCHF is not a diet but a lifestyle? E.g. not be so stressed you don't have time to have a proper meal? Sorry, this is turning in to a workaholic blog but it is just so hard to resist when everything around me right now is work, work, work. But I guess that's the reality for most of the people out there and we still want to low carb, right?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Espresso with no sugar

If there is one thing that tastes awful without sugar but lovely with it's espresso. I am not a regular espresso drinker - haven't had one since I started low carbing. Today I tried the first sip without sugar and the bitter taste really isn't all that great. Sugar is a no go so went for sweeteners instead. Not optimal but I enjoyed my espresso anyway :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Baking low carb?

I am back in town and was planning on baking something today to surprise my boyfriend and his work buddies. Poor them have been working all night long and now they are back in the office again. I was thinking of doing something low carb first but since this is for them and not for me I am just going to make some muffins and not eat any myself instead. Much better than some quasi healthy low carb cake :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Complete absence

Sorry about no posts this week. I am away for work this week and next and have been quite busy. I'm tempted to blog about my job instead - I love it - but it's got nothing to do with LCHF or low carb and I don't want to bore you ;)

Anyway, I wanted to give a short update on the food. I neither have a kitchen nor a fridge and I haven't even been to a supermarket since last week. What do I eat? Those of you who know British food probably know what I am going through right now. And I am not in London but in a little small village with lots of pub food only. Yesterday I had to go for a panini for lunch (left most of the bread) - it seemed liked the best option next to fish and chips and pie.

Breakfast is a lot easier! I just finished a nice mushroom omelet with coffe (thank god for room service!). The hotel has many choices and the food is very good. I usually eat dinner back at the hotel as well, which means there are at least a few options to chose from. Yesterday's Chicken Ceasar salad with real anchovies was a dream!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Going away

The next two weeks I will be staying in a hotel. Me like a lot because it means someone will clean my room and I don't have to pay for it. Unfortunately, it is not for holiday (I think I could use one but that's another topic). Anyway, I won't even have access to a kitchenette so I am quite worried about what to eat. I guess breakfast will be less of an issue. Dinner is my biggest concern. I don't want to eat out every night but if there if there is no other option I guess I have to. Life is great when your biggest concern is whether to eat out or not :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011


If you're in America, seeing a baseball game is almost a must. I once went to see the Yankees and it was so boring I literally fell asleep. Playing baseball on the other hand is great fun! Or even just throwing balls. We have 2 baseball gloves and a couple of balls and sometimes hang out in the nearest park to play some. Love it!

So, today's exercise: Baseball in sunny England! Bonus: if your partner throws really hard balls you will be too afraid to catch them and will run more ;)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Work life balance?

Whatever that is. I am good at many things but I am notoriously bad at prioritizing my own personal life. I guess I enjoy work too much?

There will be no running this week. Not a good sign for the first week after signing up for a marathon. I think the biggest challenge won't be to actually run the marathon but to schedule time for training. Every week. Week after week. Subconsciously, I think this is why I signed up for the race in the first place. I know I need training and don't give up on things. The only way to pull this one through is by staying determined.