Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Canteen food

After a sleepless night I had to give up my caffeine-free ambitions for today. But that's ok, tomorrow I'm back to tea again.

Today I managed to eat 1200 calories. That's alright given that I didn't do any other exercise but walk to work this morning. Canteen served roast beef with cauliflower and cabbage, perfect for LCHF and it tasted very good. There was yorkshire pudding as well but I don't think I'll ever adjust that much to the British cuisine that I could enjoy that. And not whilst on a low carb diet anyway.

Our canteen is alright actually. There is always a salad / sandwich bar where you can chose your own ingredients. And some warm dishes but they are usually extremely unhealthy or just odd. I've noticed that it's very strange to leave out the carby side dishes. It's as if the people serving get worried you won't get full. And offer extra meat instead. But as always I rather just have some more vegetables :)

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