Monday, 1 August 2011

Why I want to lose weight

One of the biggest challenges to overcome in my weight loss project is staying motivated. The first days are always easy. I remember how bad I felt when I saw those numbers on the scale or when trying things on that don't fit anymore, I have a strict plan to follow, and my energy is boosted from having made the decision and I am full of confidence I can make it. After a couple of days motivation falls, and it falls quickly. It starts with me already feeling a tiny bit thinner - losing water weight goes quickly. Then I start allowing myself to relax my strict rules - I'm already seeing some results, hey. Finally I forget how bad I felt that day on the scale. And I think that I am actually doing quite well now.

So to stop myself from forgetting why I am doing this, here it is black on white.

The reasons why I want to lose weight:
- I feel heavy
- I look thick in jeans and I can't wear certain types of fashion because of my weight
- I think people judge me because of my weight
- My face looks round and swollen
- My eating habits irregular and unhealthy
- My old jeans don't fit and I am now buying larger sizes...

I just realized all of these reasons are extremely subjective. I had to struggle to come up with some objective reasons - my clothes size. This must be why I lose motivation so quickly. As soon as something more important or urgent comes along, like work, my weight loss reasons become less important and I re-prioritize. I need to find reasons that are waterproof even in stressful situations..!


  1. I'm glad you're making the healthier choice, not everyone has the courage to admit this change of heart and lifestyle. Seek advice from doctors or certified dieticians though before attempting anything. Good luck!

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