Saturday, 6 August 2011

100 days challenge

I am joining Räkan's 100 day challenge. Great to have some extra motivation and the more people the better.

The challenge starts on 8 August and ends on 14 November - 100 days - and everyone sets their own goals. My goal is to weigh less than 60 kg and to have run more than 250 km. That is an average of 18 km per week. Spread out on 3 running sessions every week that is totally doable.

Yay, this is exciting :-)


  1. hi!
    As you, I gained lots of weight when moving to the UK and after trying out weight watchers, slimming world and all of that sort Ive decided to give lchf a go. Being from Norway Im used to seeing the sort of stuff you need for lchf baking in every food store, but here in the UK I am really struggling with finding these ingredients. Is there any kind of online store or a shop you use thats great for stuff to use with lchf baking?