Sunday, 31 July 2011

Noom weight loss android app

I am testing some calorie counter apps for my phone and have just installed Noom weight loss, which is one of the highest rated apps in this category in the android market. I like the weight tracking and and the exercise section - but what's up with the food?

They try to make it as simplistic as possible and don't use precise measurements but rough estimates. Fair enough. But here is the big problem. Food is split into 3 categories - good, ok, and bad. Obviously these apps aren't made for low carbers, but I still want to keep track on what I eat. But these categories are just ridiculous. How can whole milk be a red item when wine and bear is yellow and ok? White bread is ok but egg with yolks is bad? And any fruit is good - no mention of banana or grapes being full of sugar.

Too bad, I kind of like the look and feel and that it is so simple but I definitely don't agree with how they categorize food.

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  1. Doesn't matter how they categorize the foods this app works!! Have used it since August 13, 2011 and as of today (December 21, 2011) I've lost a total of 68 pounds and kept it off! I've added walking to changing my eating habits and love that I don't count carbs or calories but learn portion control and healthier choices!!!