Sunday, 31 July 2011


For those of you who have been tracking my weight loss, you know that I am not doing too well. It is so weird. Not that I am not losing weight, but that I find it so difficult to do what I should be doing.

I am quite successful at what I do at work - I am hard-working, intelligent, and set myself very high goals --> high performance. I should be able to approach weight loss in the same way. I know what to do, which tools to use but still I always end up at square 1. All the determination and motivation I have for work is almost non-existent for personal projects.

But enough is enough. I was never good at prioritizing my private life and my work-life balance is not very balanced at all. This needs to change and finding time to prepare healthy food, exercise, and relax is a key part in that process.

But how? This might sound sad (?), but since I know what to do in the office I will think about my weight loss as a work project. Exercise and healthy eating will be part of my schedule. Full stop.

Deadline: 31 December (5 months / 22 weeks / 153 days)
Target: 56 kg (-12 kg)
* 4 weeks: Friend's wedding / -3 kg (really want to wear THAT dress...)
* 8 weeks: Celebrating end of studies and -5 kg /
* 11 weeks: Boyfriend's birthday present: -6.5 kg
* 14 weeks: Celebrating 60 kg with spa treatment!
* 18 weeks: 1 month and 2 kilos to go. Time to go shopping!
* 22 weeks: END OF PROJECT - TARGET REACHED! Going some place sunny and warm to celebrate!!

That's the plan. And no more shopping, not even bags or shoes, until I have lost 5 kg.

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