Sunday, 31 July 2011

Noom weight loss android app

I am testing some calorie counter apps for my phone and have just installed Noom weight loss, which is one of the highest rated apps in this category in the android market. I like the weight tracking and and the exercise section - but what's up with the food?

They try to make it as simplistic as possible and don't use precise measurements but rough estimates. Fair enough. But here is the big problem. Food is split into 3 categories - good, ok, and bad. Obviously these apps aren't made for low carbers, but I still want to keep track on what I eat. But these categories are just ridiculous. How can whole milk be a red item when wine and bear is yellow and ok? White bread is ok but egg with yolks is bad? And any fruit is good - no mention of banana or grapes being full of sugar.

Too bad, I kind of like the look and feel and that it is so simple but I definitely don't agree with how they categorize food.


For those of you who have been tracking my weight loss, you know that I am not doing too well. It is so weird. Not that I am not losing weight, but that I find it so difficult to do what I should be doing.

I am quite successful at what I do at work - I am hard-working, intelligent, and set myself very high goals --> high performance. I should be able to approach weight loss in the same way. I know what to do, which tools to use but still I always end up at square 1. All the determination and motivation I have for work is almost non-existent for personal projects.

But enough is enough. I was never good at prioritizing my private life and my work-life balance is not very balanced at all. This needs to change and finding time to prepare healthy food, exercise, and relax is a key part in that process.

But how? This might sound sad (?), but since I know what to do in the office I will think about my weight loss as a work project. Exercise and healthy eating will be part of my schedule. Full stop.

Deadline: 31 December (5 months / 22 weeks / 153 days)
Target: 56 kg (-12 kg)
* 4 weeks: Friend's wedding / -3 kg (really want to wear THAT dress...)
* 8 weeks: Celebrating end of studies and -5 kg /
* 11 weeks: Boyfriend's birthday present: -6.5 kg
* 14 weeks: Celebrating 60 kg with spa treatment!
* 18 weeks: 1 month and 2 kilos to go. Time to go shopping!
* 22 weeks: END OF PROJECT - TARGET REACHED! Going some place sunny and warm to celebrate!!

That's the plan. And no more shopping, not even bags or shoes, until I have lost 5 kg.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Low carb Italian food

Both my partner and I love Italian food so the choice of restaurant for a dinner out was never difficult.

Since I started the low carb diet I have stayed away from Italian places. For obvious reasons, I thought. But yesterday I was tired and boyfriend wanted pizza (surprise) so I gave in for the our Italian around the corner. And it turns out there are quite a few dishes to choose from. If you are dying for a pizza (and hardcore LCHF), have the topping and leave the bread. But no need to go to such extremes. In the salad section you should be able to find low carb meals but among the pasta dishes there is something for us! Real Italians don't serve that much pasta anyway but you can ask to substitute some of the pasta for vegetables. Sauces are often creamy and rich - perfect for LCHF. Soups are often low in carb as well but stay away from fried food like calamari and meatballs.

Enjoy your low carb Italian food :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sleeping in

I had a fantastic evening yesterday. We went to a cafe with live music, had some wine and saw some great artists. No plans for today. I have no food at home so need to go shopping. Have not had salmon for a great while so that is today's dinner. With some creamy sauce, green beans and parmesan shavings. Nom nom.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Unhealthy fruit

I am back on the cross country train and I can't help to be amazed by the junk served. I just asked if they sell fruit and the sales guy didn't understand my question. Fair enough, I an a foreigner with some accent. So I asked again - and was offered danish pastry with raisins!!! Now I am wondering whether they actually have heard of fruit before??

My low carb focus is going good so I don't eat fruit anyway. I'd rather stay with babybel :) i

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cole slaw

Since I started low carbing i have discovered cole slaw. Never used to like cabbage but mixed with mayonnaise and carrot it is good! Sainsbury's has one version with less carrots - perfect for LCHF. 100 gram of cole slaw equals 3.5 gram of carbs - not too bad I think.

So today's dinner was - no surprise - cole slaw and grilled chicken breast. Very good! Tomorrow I will take the first train to work at 6:00. No time for breakfast at home. I packed some cheese and salami for the go. Life is good with LCHF :)

This week: low carb focus

In the last weeks I kind of lost focus on low carb. I have a new job and I am really struggling to make my schedule work. But I want to (and need to) improve my work life balance. It is not right to prioritize work over health and life quality. So enough is enough. This week will be a strict low carb week with well prepared breakfast packs for train trips and no more lunch from the vending machine!

Today started with a ham omelet, we'll see what dinner brings.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Travel food = junk food

In the UK there are almost no low carb snacks to eat on the go. None! Go to a train station and the only thing you'll find is chocolate, crisps and maybe some sandwiches. And on the train it is even worse. Pastries, more chocolate, BLT's - but not even a single piece of fruit. It's impossible to be on a low carb diet while traveling on a UK train unless you bring your own food. In fact, I think it is impossible to be on any type of diet on the train. Not cool.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Djokovic on a gluten-free diet

Wimbledon champion Djokovic and I have two things in common. We both played tennis today and neither of us eat flour. Djokovic is a on a gluten-free diet and because I am a low carber I don't eat gluten either. Or any other carbohydrates for that matter.

Cool summer breakfast

Maybe it's just me but I don't like the idea of eating a warm and rich omelet on a sunny summer day. My favorite summer breakfast is Greek yogurt, nuts and berries.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Low carb salad

This was my lunch today. A lovely salad with duck, crispy Italian ham and lentils. Lentils are not low carb but at least it's not sugar. And it was very good. Love meaty salads like this!

Friday, 1 July 2011


My running this morning really did not go to well... No wonder since I haven't been running for 2 weeks. This is not the way to train for a marathon. Especially on a low carb diet I need to train a lot to make the body used to running on ketosis. But I will get there, I am always up for a challenge! Next goal is Birmingham half marathon in October :)

Barbecue time

The best thing about the summer is the barbecue with friends in the evenings. And the second best thing is that it is really easy to make a barbecue evening a la LCHF.

Just take your favorite cut of meet, add some home made sauces based on sour creme or mayonnaise, alternatively some from the store but make sure they don't have any sugar (I'd stay away from the bbq-sauce...) Add some rocket salad, low carb vegetables (stay away from corn!) and you have a delicious low carb meal. If you're up for dessert get some cheese and wine or strawberries (not always but sometimes :)).

Going running

My marathon training is not going too well at the moment. Simply too much to do and I am terrible at prioritizing personal things when work is demanding. Definitely need to change that.

So today I am going running and then I will have a nice LCHF breakfast consisting of a mushroom omelet with cheese :)