Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer feast

The summer has finally arrived to England. The weather is lovely and I am so happy to live in the south west of England right now. Pack the bag with healthy low carb treats like sausages, salad, good wine and nice company. If you aren't too strict with the carbs you can also pack some strawberries. That is how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Add to that a cliff with stunning view and you know there is no better way to enjoy the sun than exploring the beautiful coast of Devon and Cornwall.

Speaking about salads, my current favourite is Ceasar salad less the croutons. This is an old favourite, but instead of just a anchovy-flavoured salad sauce, I am adding anchovies to the salad. Canned fish is not the best thing to eat on a low carb diet because the water is often sweet, but this is so good and since you're not likely to eat excessive amounts of anchovy (?) I think it's ok :)

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