Monday, 16 May 2011

What does HF in LCHF stand for?

LCHF - low carb high fat.

But what is high fat? Does it mean you can eat unlimited amounts of fat? Off course not. Quite frankly, I don't know what it means, just that it's more than low fat.

I've thought quite a lot about the best way to eat lately. I really do like LCHF because I feel so much better not eating bread, pasta, rice or other types of starchy food but the HF - high fat - is concerning me. People say you need the fat to stay full, which I guess makes sense if carbohydrates are almost entirely excluded from the diet. The energy has to come from somewhere and if it's not from carbs or protein, it has to be fat. But I haven't felt full at all.

I'm probably still fat-scared. After 2 months of low carbing, it's still weird eating excessive amounts of fat while carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms have to be weighed and tracked. I am really struggling eating 75E% fat because I feel so bad about eating fat.

All these thoughts have made me experiment with the diet. My new thinking is to eat more, much more, vegetables, allowing carbohydrates from these sources while keeping a closer eye on the fat. No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, chocolate. You get it. I still eat full-fat versions of cream and cheese. But I prefer my side dish to be broccoli rather than butter so I am not eating as much fat as before. 

And I am no longer hungry!

200 g of spinach or broccoli is nothing in terms of calories (60 kcal). Not very much in terms of carbohydrates either (but more than most LCHF-people would eat). But it sure is a lot on the plate and it fills your stomach. This is how I need to eat to achieve and maintain my goal weight. It means that I am getting a bit more liberal on the carb count. I am not going to binge eat sugar but I also won't go crazy about 50 g carbohydrates from a healthy meal based on vegetables. We are all different and while some people have to / want to exclude all carbs, other people will be like me and feel sick from the fat and miss the vegetables. This is what a sustainable low carb diet looks like for me, personally.

I don't really know how to label this, though. I think this is more normal fat than high fat. I don't need to label my diet, so that doesn't bother me in the slightest. But if there was a name for it, it would be My LCHF :-)

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