Friday, 13 May 2011

Paleo and raw food

Blogger has been down all day and my post from yesterday is gone? Let's see if this sticks...

I've been reading about other low carb diets and came across the Paleo diet. It sounds pretty interesting although for me personally it contains too many starches. From what I understand it is considered to be a low carb diet (might be wrong) but if I would eat according to Paleo I would eat 100 g of carbs per day. Sounds like a lot to me.

I also stumbled upon I've heard about raw food and fruit diets but I never took it seriously. It's quite an interesting idea, though. You can tell that I am easily fascinated by new things - everything sounds interesting to me :) I don't think I could ever stick to raw food diet, though. Imagine never being able to eat warm food? And imagine eating buying all that fruit! Not to mention the shipping of fruit. Low carb diets are (rightly) criticized for being wasteful as they're based on protein and often includes lots of eggs and dairy products, which use much more resources than crops. But at least you can eat local food when low carbing. Sticking to local food on a fruit diet would be very, very boring here in the north, if at all possible.

No, I'm fine with LCHF for now :)

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