Monday, 30 May 2011

Oil cleansing method - week 1

Remember I wrote about the oil cleansing method? I had just given in to the supernatural powers of bleach in my struggle against mold and was hoping that this method would be better than all chemical-based soaps out there. 

Well, this time, nature is SMASHING chemicals.

I never had severe problems with acne, but I have had large, ugly blackheads ever since I was around 11-12 years old. These blackheads are real fighters because no matter how well I cleansed my skin – and I did this obsessively carefully both morning and evening – the blackheads stayed. I tried aggressive soaps for acne skin, mild soaps for sensitive skin, scrubs for daily and weekly use, facials, face treatments, both cheap and very expensive skin cleansing products. Some of these methods worked initially but the blackheads always came back after a while.

After 1 week of OCM it is still too early to say if this works long-term but up until now I am more than amazed. My pores are clear and the skin is less oily. It is already a huge difference. I still don't have perfect skin, but if this continues I might have some day soon!

I think this shows that fat is not a bad thing. Our bodies need fat - and that goes for both the skin as well as in your diet.

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