Sunday, 29 May 2011

LCHF pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast on this sunny Sunday! I made these with ground almond, egg, and cream. I also added some psyllium seeds to make the dough thicker. The result was ok. They looked like real pancakes, but the taste can still be improved. Next time I'll skip the psyllium seeds and add some dessicated coconut instead.

Don't expect a non-low carber to give up his or her regular flour pancakes for these ones but it's definitely a good low carb alternative if you want to eat the same food as your company.

This is for 5 medium sized pancakes - 2 portions

0.5 dl ground almond (25 g)
0.5 tablespoon psyllium seeds
0.5 dl cream
2 eggs

Total of approx 4 g carbohydrates and 250 calories / portion
I haven't counted the psyllium as the body cannot extract any energy from the whole seeds (or something like that).

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