Sunday, 1 May 2011

LCHF and hunger

Eat when you hungry - that's what many on LCHF say. Is that true?

Not for me. I lost quite a lot in the first few weeks but then it suddenly stopped. What had happened? I guess I lost water weight in the beginning and just a tiny bit of fat, perhaps 1 kilo at the most. As soon as the body stopped losing water, my weight loss slowed down and in 2 weeks I only dropped 0.1 kg. Not very impressive.

I was told to limit the carbons, eat when I'm hungry so that's what I did. But eating when you're hungry is quite tricky. It assumes you actually know what hunger feels like.

I know weight gain can be caused by medical conditions, inactivity due to injuries, etc, but the majority of all dieters must be dieting because of previous overeating, right? Obviously if you overeat, you eat even though you're not hungry or when you shouldn't be hungry. People eat because they feel like it, because they're sad or because of habit. But we don't always eat because the body needs energy, which should be the original physical function of hunger (?).

My point is that hunger is a feeling most overweight people don't understand, that's why we struggle with weight problems in the first place. It is easy to confuse hunger (need to eat) with appetite (desire to eat) or food cravings (strong desire to eat).

The only thing I would recommend regarding hunger is NOT to eat when you are NOT HUNGRY. I don't trust my body to tell me when it needs food, I think it still tells me when food would be nice have. That's why I am sticking to food plans this week, which includes both carb count and calorie count.

Is that the right way to go? I don't know - next week's weigh-in will tell.

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  1. Hi, I was the same as you. Got disheartened and had a carb binge, back to diet and then lost 2kgs almost instantly. Same thing seems to happen most time I stall. I think my body needs to be sure there is food around before it will lose weight. So confusing.