Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Serious stuff about low carb

Reporting my food intake was boring and I am too ashamed to post all the carbs I have been eating the last days so no more food journal.

I have been thinking a lot about LCHF lately. I am not loosing as much weight as I would want to and the diet is so boring and monotone. I wasn't sure whether I should write about this on the blog, but this is a blog about my experience with LCHF so I guess it should cover both the good and bad times.

I tried to vary the diet a bit by baking a "bread" based on psyllium seeds but the seeds gave me stomach aches :( I am now experimenting with adding some carbs back into the diet. Until now I had a daily 20 g carb limit and now I eat 50-100 g. That allows me to eat more vegetables and even some carb-based meals like muesli or oat meal. I am also watching the calories more carefully. I generally like the low carb way of eating, it is just that it is so darn boring to exclude all of them. Eating up to 100 g still counts as a low carb diet so I think this could work for me :)

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