Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sausages en masse

I used to hate sausages. They can be stuffed with just about anything and, I assume, usually the worst meat you can find. If filled with meat at all. Even good sausages have fillers and the meat content is sometimes lower than 50%. But since I tried high quality German sausages made by the local butcher I realised sausages can be really tasty! And good for LCHF as well! I never saw a good German sausage with more than 1 g carbs / 100 g. At home most sausages have more than 5 g carbs. One of the most common sausages has 12 g carbs / 100 g. Haven't looked here in the UK, but the Richmond sausages contain 16 g carbs / 100 g ! Sorry folks, that is no longer sausage!

Anyway, we just had a package full of local made sausages like Landjäger, Salami, Rote Wurst, and Weisswurst delivered from Germany. 2 kg of sausages, no kidding!

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