Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Out to lunch?

Since I have been on the road a lot lately, I've been eating out quite a lot. Eating at a restaurant is quite easy. Just order some meat/fish/poultry with some (non flour) sauce and ask for vegetables instead of potatoes or rice or whatever is being served. Or go for a salad and skip the bread.

Having lunch on the go is more difficult. I used to love the meal deals available here in the UK, but unfortunately they are not very healthy and certainly not low-carb. Ok, the snacks will always be filled with the fast sugar you want to avoid but I think salad is generally a good lunch option. Most meal deal salads I've seen at places like Co-operative or Boots contain pasta, couscous or some other carb-based food. M&S have some low-carb options like prawns or olive salads but the portions are too small to make you full and relatively expensive. Today I discovered Pret a Mangers low-carb salads. This is by far the best lunch alternative I have found so far. Unfortunately, there is no Pret a Manger where I live, but lucky you if you live or work close to one!

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