Friday, 29 April 2011

Learning from mistakes

So after 6 weeks on LCHF I had two weeks off. This time it will all be different, right? Einstein said insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, so obviously I have to change something. But what?

Well, what caused the break in the first place?
- No results, most definitely - yeah, this is a lifestyle and bla bla, but I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT TOO. Glad we made that clear ;)
- Lack of variation - too many eggs, too little inspiration.
- Eating food I don't like just because it's LCHF - not a good idea!

--> Frustration --> 0 motivation --> What the heck? --> Carb cravings

Ok, first point is easy to deal with. I have to get stricter. Second one is easy as well, I just have to give some effort to cooking and looking for more food inspiration.

The third one is trickier as it requires own thinking... ;) As a beginner, I read everything I could find about LCHF and followed every advise. I don't like bacon, but since it's LCHF, I ate it and thought I would get used to it. I even used cream in my coffee and finally put butter in it even though it was repelling just because that's what I've heard. It sounds ridiculous.

This time it really will be different. I might still be a beginner but compared to two months ago I know a lot more. I am slowly starting to filter the LCHF-information and I feel like I can make informed decisions about how to eat low carb in a way that won't make me lose inspiration. And for me, it is ok to eat low carb food like vegetables, lean meat, and cottage cheese even though they are not "fat enough" according to other LCHF gurus.

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