Monday, 4 April 2011

Keep your head in the game

The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper was interviewed by LA Times. Here is his advice on how to stay motivated.

Q: I usually last a week or two tops on a diet. What can I do to keep motivated?

A: You have got to keep your head in the game. What I mean by that is, having a workout friend or reading fitness related books and magazines. Anything that keeps your mind on this new lifestyle is a great motivator, but ultimately it is you that has to really want it and want to change.

I too read forums and other LCHF / low carb blogs to stay motivated. Low Carb Magazine is a great site for low carb recipes but I am still looking good links.

Regarding the power of will I could not agree more. On tough days (they will come) I try to focus on what made me start this diet in the first place. I always try to keep the final goal in mind whenever I feel like giving up. If you are tempted to make a bad decision, think about your goal, how badly you want it, what you are prepared to sacrifice to get there and what the consequences of giving in to the temptations are. Then make the decision. Sometimes the temptation will be worth it but mostly it wont :)

To keep focused it is also helpful to set smaller targets along the way. Keep up the spirit by treating yourself (not with food) once you achieve your targets. When I get to 65 kg I am going to the hairdresser. When my old pair of jeans are too big I am going shopping. And once I have reached my goal weight I am signing up for surfing classes.

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