Sunday, 3 April 2011

Indian challenge

We decided to eat out yesterday evening and since India won the Cricket World Cup, Taj Mahal around the corner was the obvious choice. I absolutely love Indian food, but avoided it since I started LCHF because I thought it would make my goodbye to naan-bread so much harder ;( Anyway, I decided to go for lamb saag and cauliflower bhaji side dish. The saag contained only spinach, lamb, onions and spices. No yoghurt, potatoes, tomatoes or other vegetables. The same goes for the bhaji, which is cauliflower and onion in a curry sauce. It was delicious! And I was not even tempted to eat from my partner's garlic naan :)

After dinner we went to the best cocktail bar in town and here a much bigger challenge kicked in. The bar has so many creative cocktails and I felt so boring to order wine. I definitely need to learn more about low-carb cocktails ;)

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