Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Great tool for diet planning

Yesterday I discovered a recently launched tool for planning food intake - Kostplaneraren (diet planner). It is by far the best I ever tried. I tried quite a few free online diet tools, and I know a few ones available for charge. I even tried to program my own in Excel (I am an Excel freak, there is nothing you can't do in Excel! ;)).
The site is still a bit buggy, I think the beta-version was just launched yesterday. Hopefully the remaining bugs will be fixed soon because I really like this site. It is easy to use and has a great overview of kcal, fat, protein and carbs for both individual meals and summary of daily and weekly food intake. I like the drag and drop function in the calender and the possibility to choose what measures to use when registering food items.

Unfortunately, Kostplaneraren is not available in English but for all of my compatriots out there: I've started to use this to keep a record of what I am eating and plan meals in advance.

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