Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 1 - Summary

Snack 2: Ham and cottage cheese. 240 kcal, 3 carbs

Dinner: Beef braising steak (250 g) with beans and carrots served with a sauce based on creme fraiche.

Total: 650 kcal, 10 carbs. 

Day 1 Total: 
1600 kcal, 20 carbs

All in all, the day was ok although 1600 kcal sounds like a lot. My carb limit is at 20 g so I am happy with that especially since most of the carbs stem from vegetables.

My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is  1450 kcal (supposedly) and when I add the PAL for today's activities (1h running + walking, doing groceries, household work, etc.) I should end up with a caloric need of 2350. That leaves me with a deficit of 750 kcal (2350 - 1600) which I think is quite good! I've heard you lose 0.5 kg / week if you have a daily kcal deficit of 500 kcal.

There is still some room for improvement, though. No more carrots and I have to be more careful with calories in meat, especially since I am not running every day. I will also try to spread the calorie intake throughout the day rather than having a big meal in the evening.

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