Saturday, 2 April 2011


Everyone that has ever been on a diet surely thought about cheating. I do not like the idea of cheating or treating yourself with food whilst on a diet. Cheating whom? For what? And how can something you know is bad for you be a treat?

Sometimes things happen that make it difficult to keep to a strict diet. Since I started LCHF, I went to business dinner meetings without LCHF-friendly food, celebrated a 6-year anniversary, christening, birthdays and stayed at friends for a weekend. I could not always stick to my diet, and in weak moments I had bananas, sugar cakes, milk chocolate and even toast bread. But guess what? I still lost weight! I am not fooling myself to think eating chocolate and cake is good for me but if you have good habits of eating and exercising, eating moderate amounts of "prohibited food" won't hurt the weight loss.

Habits, balance, and how we eat every day matter for weight loss, not the occasional exceptions.

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