Thursday, 31 March 2011

Running on LCHF

When I decided to change my diet, the main reason was to lose weight. Before LCHF, I had exercised regularly for a couple of weeks after a few months of very little work out. I expected to be slower on LCHF, but I did not expect to be this slow!

Running for more than 30 minutes is a pain. I am a decent runner and enjoy to run for 60-90 minutes but now my body is protesting after only a short run. I have been told that this is due to the transition from glucose to fat burning and quite common in the first weeks. After 4 weeks, however, I am starting to get a bit frustrated. I have the biggest motivation ever to run, but my body just cannot keep up with that. I am sure it will change soon, though. Until then, I will continue with my daily 30-min extremely slow pace running :)

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  1. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog as I googled the same problem! I have heard it takes up to six weeks to "transition" .... are you seeing improvement now?